It began with bacon and eggs

A seemingly normal start to any weekend morning, no?  Today was pleasantly different.  Due to having an Indiana DNR gift card from Christmas 2012 that expires in roughly 2 months, we decided to have said bacon & eggs at the Little Gem Restaurant.  To get to breaky, first we had to journey to Brown County State Park this morning.  About a 15 minute jaunt to the northeast from Bloomington.  You see, Little Gem is located inside the Abe Martin Lodge, on the Brown County State Park grounds.  A and I frequent the park all throughout the year.  It’s a favorite location of ours, especially as the seasons begin to change.

We opted for the weekend breakfast buffet, as I am always tempted by the choice of “having a little bit of everything” instead of making a committed decision to one particular breakfast food item.  Can you blame me?!  The variety was great.  Pancakes (which of course, A couldn’t turn down), French toast, eggs, BACON, sausage, hashbrowns, eggs, muffins, bagels, fresh fruit and coffee (the utmost important breakfast item).  It wasn’t a meal I’d write home to mom about, but it helped us use part of that gift card, and convert the balance to a different card that doesn’t expire for 5 years.  Rock on!  That, and we were able to drive through the park at about 9:30 this morning and check out the hazy vistas that the park has to offer; it’s best feature!  

After our bellies were satisfied, I convinced A to drive a little further east towards Columbus to pick out PUMPKINS!  I seriously love fall, and don’t find that the season has officially arrived until there are pumpkins and gourds strewn all though the apartment.  Yeah, I know that “fall” isn’t here yet.  “But J, it’s been 80 degrees outside this past week!”  Pish posh.  It’s October.  It’s fall.

A and I took the trailblazer to a little country store located on 46 that I had seen set out their fall squash display for sale earlier in the week on my work commute.  Little did we know that it was their Farm Fest day!  Bonus!!  Growing up on a farm myself, I don’t know why I get excited to see my barnyard pals, but it was a hoot!  They had out: fancy chickens, a duck, 2 baby ducklings, bunnies, miniature horse, turkeys, llama and goat!  Not to mention pony rides!  Seriously took all I had to not go and squee over the mass supply of ponies they had on hand.  The mini horse was a loud, nudgey brat.  I loved him!!!

The neatest feature was the horse drawn sugar cane mill.  I was thoroughly amused by it.  Even though it’s just a horse walking around in circles around the mill, I’m always intrigued by horse-drawn farm equipment.  I think it has to do with my equine background.  Even the drizzle that began while we were out on the farm couldn’t distract me.  Then again, we were there to pick out pumpkins!  So we got to work.  $25 and a dozen plus gourds and pumpkins paid for, we were ready to head back home.

Even though it was noon when we got back into town, it was still the weekend.  One of the best things of the weekend is there’s no limit on the amount of coffee you can drink!  We headed to Uel Zing for a cup of the glorious black liquid.  Uel Zing deserves it’s own post, but it’s delicious, and my latest coffee addiction.  That’s all the important info you need to know about it right now.

The remainder of the day was spent tidying up the apartment and placing all of our new pumpkins in their rightful places.  And enjoying the rainstorm that happened later in the evening.

Now it’s time for the important part of the evening.  It’s post-season baseball ladies and gents!  The Tigers and the A’s meet for game 2 after pulling a W last night in the ALDS.  Boy it’d be nice to have another long season this year for the boys!  Eat ‘em up Tigers!

What signifies the start of fall for you?

Do you have any fall traditions?


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