Throwback Thursday

So I had all kinds of apprehensions when deciding about whether or not to do this blog.  I had tried a time or two already, and it just didn’t last that long.  It was just a random thing then, and that’s not what I want this blog to be.  It’s fresh, it’s new, and I consider myself to be a slightly different person than I was back then.

Two main items stuck in my mind.  1) “Oh my gosh, this thing is going to require so much time!  I need to make sure to stay consistent for my followers.  I don’t want to be flaky on them!”  2) “I don’t want to be too wordy of a blogger.  I know myself, I enjoy blogs that use pictures to describe their topics, and not just lengthy sentences full of witty verbiage.  So I need to take pictures, a lot of them.  And, work on things like composition.”  These are big worries in my mind.

So to try to kill two birds with one stone, I thought that maybe I could try a hand at Throwback Thursdays.  It’s an opportunity for me to keep on flexing my writing skills and an opportunity to share with you the archive of pictures I have from these past few years.  Plus, as a bonus, it’ll kind of be an opportunity for you to get to know me better.  I really want to build this relationship between you and I.


A long time ago….  Just kidding, more like 5 years ago, right out of college, Adam & I got our first apartment together.  We lived in Warsaw, IN.  A quaint community, developed in an area of Indiana with a ton of lakes.  The town was cute enough, but too small for our aspirations and dreams.  But we used to kill time on a nice little hiking path that started close to our apartment and then winded its way through a marshy/wetland type of thing and eventually to one of the many lakes.



Adam has always had a knack for photography, and I always had a knack for being jealous of his skills.  So while he was out being artsy and finding the perfect shot, I was busy with the point-and-shoot, trying to create my own masterpieces.



There were the always fun, “Lemme take your picture while you’re taking mine!”  I know, how original.



There were even more pictures of Adam taking pictures.  I know.  You can say it.  Creeeeee-perrrrrrr.

When we were done with our walks, we’d go back home and pop the SD cards into our laptops and check out each other’s shots.  Sometimes, I was randomly pleased.



I mean this tree was perfect though.  Can trees be photogenic?  This tree was.  You can’t go wrong with photographing fall foliage in my mind.  It’s always beautiful.

But I hope to develop my photography skills for this blog.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to be better at but have never done anything about it.

The Tigers are playing again tonight.  Big game versus the Athletics.  Record 2 and 2 in a series of 5.  Cabrera just started it off right.  HOMERUN!!

How are your photography skills?

Have you ever wanted to improve them or done anything to improve them?



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