Sunday Fun-day

Man, this morning was the latest I’ve woken up in a long time.  Adam & I went to a wedding up in the northern part of the state, and opted to drive back home last night after the reception.  We’re getting very close to our own wedding & honeymoon, so it’s nice to try to save a little extra dough here.  We arrived home at around 2:30 am today.  I immediately passed out, so it’s no wonder I was in bed until 10 am.

I was first up and got breakfast started.  An egg scramble, with bacon, green pepper, jalapeno, rainbow chard & a little cheese.  I topped mine with some of our Miggy’s Salsa (as my last & final tribute to the team this season).  What do ya know.  I forgot a photo.  Again.  I promise to get better.  Seriously.

With being out of town, Adam & I wanted to run some additional errands in town while out getting groceries.  So I menu planned, and we were off.

Sunday – Leek, Potato & Delicata Squash Soup

Monday – Paleo Cauliflower & Chicken Casserole

Tuesday – Leftovers

Wednesday – Chicken Sausages & Veggies

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Out maybe

Weekday Lunches – Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

Snack/Treat – Honey Chai Roasted Almonds

I must have been overly zealous grocery shopping last weekend, because the grocery list didn’t seem to be too long today.  So I thought it’d be a nice treat to go to the Bloomingfoods Elm Heights store.  They have a lovely coffee bar upstairs, and I’m kind of addicted to the bulk bin aisles.  Eek.  We stopped there first, & I enjoyed my first cafe au lait (which of course I mispronounced!  Oops!) along with a ginger oat cake.  Adam sipped away on an americano & a coconut-chocolate-bar-type treat.  We actually sat around upstairs & leisurely savored our second breakfast instead of trekking around a travel cup.  It was nice!  Then we grabbed groceries, quickly dropped them off at the apartment, & then headed to the mall.

Long story short at the mall.  I walked out with two pairs of shoes & five Bath & Body Works hand soaps.  Quite the mix there.  Our bellies were getting grumbly at this time, so we opted to head downtown for lunch.

We contemplated going to Darn Good Soup, but it warmed up too much while we were shopping away.  We opted for Laughing Planet instead.  I had the Asian Salad & Adam had a burrito of some sort.  They have a huge patio that they share with the coffee house that’s located in the basement below them.  It’s a great place to enjoy this fall weather.  The leaves changing colors and rustling.  The sunshine.  The college students down on Kirkwood.  Great all around lunch decision.  We stopped at a few other little local shops before coming home.

I threw some salsa chicken in the slow cooker.  You know, chicken, jar of salsa, can of beans.  Simple.  I know.  Picture of raw chicken.  Yucky.  But it’ll be so good this week in some wraps for our lunches!


Then I started those almonds.


They’re beautiful and smell delicious, but I think they’re lacking something in the flavor department.  Maybe it’s because I used my jarred spices instead of grinding everything up fresh.  But they’re still yummy regardless!


The apartment definitely smelled wonderful while cooking them up!  Now I think it’s time for a shower & getting ready for tomorrow.  I also need to think about getting dinner started too.  I just want to be lazy all evening.  There’s another busy work week ahead!



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